The AREPA is one of the most typical and popular dishes in Venezuela and Colombia. The classic version is made with corn flour, water and salt to make an arepa dough formed like a round bread. You can cook them however you want and then filled with a huge amount of options that make it a suitable choice for all tastes.


Our Arepaland chef has chosen from the most traditional recipes like Arepa Domino and modern twist recipes to suit healthy and Australian tastes.

Arepa Tripleta

Juicy Venezuelan flavour shredded beef or chicken with fetta cheese and black beans. The perfect combination.


Arepa Espesyal

The perfect mix, arepa made with chicken or beef, cheddar cheese, tomato, onion and cabbage.


Arepa Domino

Soft and delicious black beans with the special touch of feta cheese, the right balance for our vegetarian friends.


Arepa Vegan 

Delicious black beans with avocado a real vegan taste.


small bites


A popular Venezuelan snack made of queso de blanco (white cheese) wrapped in pastry dough. It is formed into a breadstick and is usually fried into golden brown perfection.


Yuca Chips

These Yuca chips have the perfect combination of crunchy and salty goodness. Yuca or sometimes called Cassava is a root vegetable similar to the potato.





Venezuelan empanadas made of corn dough stuff with meat of choice and cheese.




Avocado mixed with vinegar, coriander, parsley and other green vegetables


Salsa Picante

Hot and Chilly sauce to put some fire to your Arepa


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